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Job Qualifications Applicants to the force are evaluated in their performance in a 1.5-mile run and push-up and sit-up tests. They're a lso given a written examination that covers language and spatial abilities, work style and cognitive abilities, and they must pass a po lygraph test administered by the department. Applicants must possess a high school diploma or GED and have a criminal record free of fe lony convictions. Use of illegal drugs within two years of application disqualifies an applicant from service.1 Gather all historical t free html dynamic web templates ime lines, accomplishments, photographs, advertisements and staff biographies. Take the time to review the information and pull out ite ms you would like to include in the corporate history document. If possible, interview the founder(s) of the corporation. 2 Create an o inex pure energy living water purifier utline of the items you would like included in the corporate history document. Determine the tone of the text and the focus of the docu .

ure to highlight any business accomplishments or interesting details. Conclude with any plans the corporation has for the future. 4 Sca n any historical images you want to insert in the document. Edit the images after scanning in photo editing software, if necessary. Ins ert the images into the document. (In Microsoft Word, for example, images can be inserted into a document by choosing "Insert" from the top menu and selecting Picture From File. Find the image you want to use, and click "Insert.") 5 Review the document once you have fin virginia corporate income tax form 500 ished writing. Run the spelling and grammar check in the word processing software you are using. (In Microsoft Word, the Spelling and G rammar checker can be found in the Tools menu.) 6 Submit the corporate history document to the appropriate departments within the corpo inex pure energy living water purifier ration for review. Follow the corporation's document routing procedure, if available. 7 Make appropriate changes and save the corporate .

porate departments that will utilize the document. If posting on the corporate website, provide the original images as well as the docu ment to the corporation's website designer.How to Change Consumer Attitudes 1 Conduct marketing research to learn about consumer attitu des that may affect the process of marketing your product or service. Focus on widespread preconceptions that you will need to countera ct, identifying potentially negative beliefs, impressions and preferences. Evaluate whether these attitudes stem from actual, personal maureen child free ebooks download experiences or whether they are the product of advertising campaigns or popular prejudices. Perform your own direct surveys, and also s tudy relevant research to determine the criteria and variables that influence a consumer's decision of whether to purchase your product inex pure energy living water purifier or service. 2 If negative consumer attitudes toward your product or service stem from an actual experience with it, look for ways to r .

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