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ompensation packages for new psychiatrists. Based on information collected by PayScale, 78 percent of psychiatrists receive medical ins urance from work. In addition, 61 percent receive dental care and 44 percent vision care.Truth in Advertising As with any business, tru th in advertising is always an ethical concern. While laws vary from country to country, the common theme is truth in advertising. A to urism company cannot tout that it is helping the poor when it actually is not. If word gets out that a company is unethical, the compan microsoft webcore fonts y is branded by the community and its business will fail. Exploitation According to the Association for Practical and Professional Ethi cs (APPE), exploitation is a concern (see Reference 1). A big difference exists between helping a poor area, such as the shanty towns o bible verses about jesus being the living water f Mumbai, and touring poor areas as a voyeur. The APPE states that a tourist may become a voyeur if his money is not spent on the poor, .

larity is elective surgery tours. Elective surgeries such as breast enhancement are sometimes done in Third World nations due to the le sser costs there (see Reference 1). Many of the hospitals are privately-owned, with first class treatment and facilities. The ethical c oncern is that the local population does not have access to medical treatment, in effect being "locked out" of a private hospital. This creates a disparity of treatment, with the local poor being told that the hospital is only for those that can afford medical care. All change icon program ocation of Funds Allocation of funds is an ethical concern while marketing a tour. A marketing company cannot say tourism money is help ing the poor when, in effect, it's helping itself to the funds. According to the Pro Poor Tourism Partnership, the goal is to maximize bible verses about jesus being the living water benefits to the indigent (see Reference 2).Salary The average monthly income that a forensic photographer can make varies a lot. For in .

e nature of freelance work that potential monthly income is highly variable. Location One factor that plays a part in determining the m onthly income of a forensic photographer is the state in which they work. A survey in 2010 by of wages in 10 states fo und that while Illinois and Arizona led the way in monthly wages offered, 3,489 and 3,358 respectively, Tennessee offered the lowest at just 1,978. Training The majority of forensic photographers work freelance. This enables a greater degree of flexibility but does not asian paints textures tend to include benefits such as pension and health-care provision. Contracted positions such as those with coroner's offices or police departments afford more security in terms of these benefits. A forensic photographer may also pursue employment opportunities at law f bible verses about jesus being the living water irms, which require their services in helping build a legal case. Employment Some universities offer forensic photography as a part of .

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