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Essential Oils Testimonies

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Below are just a few of the thousands of testimonies of what people have experienced with just three essential oils—two single oils and one blend—Peppermint, Lavender and Thieves. Remember, none of these results have been recognized by the FDA; therefore none of these testimonies is intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe to your individual case!  If you choose to use any of these remedies you are doing so at your own risk. However, you do have a 9th Amendment Right to Self-prescribe. 

Peppermint Oil:
Stomach Problems
Peppermint essential oilThe first time I used peppermint is when two of my children ate too much halloween candy and were vomiting. A drop of peppermint rubbed over their tummies stopped the vomiting.
A few years later we were hit bad with some kind of terrible stomach flu that caused everyone in my home to vomit until they were so tired and drained we just wanted to die. Finally I took out the peppermint and applied it to every tummy and we got immediate relief from the vomiting and were able to rest and fall asleep and recover. Thank goodness for peppermint oil.
Poison Ivy
My friend was suffering from either poison ivy or poison oak. She planned to see a doctor the next day. I suggested trying peppermint or Purification oil to get some relief. She decided to try one on each leg to test them both. Seconds later the peppermint had relieved that leg and the purification ‘helped a lot’. The next morning the leg with peppermint was dried up and healing with no itching. The leg with Purification was still ‘raised’ with rash but felt much better. She needed no doctor and no cortisone cream. This was her first experience with oils and she’s now impressed and ordering peppermint.
Indigestion and menstrual cramps
Peppermint is one of my favorite oils. My husband frequently had indigestion problems after a meal and I frequently saw him taking out the baking soda to neutralize the acid. I finally convinced him to try peppermint by putting a drop on his hand and licking it. My husband now carries a bottle of peppermint to work in his lunch box as well as using it at home when needed.
My second success with peppermint has been for menstrual cramps as attested to by my co–workers and my daughter. Again we just put a drop on our hand and lick it off! Make sure your hands are clean!
My husband suffers from Diverticulosis. When it flares up we have been using peppermint oil to ease the pain and cramping. Several drops of the peppermint oil rubbed on his abdomen where the pain is most intense, followed by a hot compress on the same area, has relieved these symptoms. Prior to using essential oils, my husband was taking a 10 day course of antibiotics every time he had an episode. We have been able to avoid antibiotics for this condition now for the last 5 months. We have experienced the same wonderful results each time we have used the peppermint in this way.
Sore muscles
I have a bad right hip that needs adjusting about once a month. When I feel it going out and it becomes tight and sore each morning, I put two to three drips of peppermint essential oil into about 1 tsp. of almond oil and rub it directly over my hip after showering. Within 10 minutes, it is like I did not need to do anything to get rid of the sore muscle. It is truly amazing for me when I use peppermint in this way for soreness and achy muscles. I have also applied the same amount to a sore neck and tennis elbow. Top
Lavender Oil
Fall Allergies
Lavender essential oilEvery year I suffer from fall allergies, goldenrod, etc. I usually would use an over–the–counter medicine to help me through it. Well this fall season I strictly used Lavender oil. I applied it right on my sinus, over my nose and under my nose. It helped! I didn't need to use over–the–counter meds at all. The effects don’t last as long as meds, so I just applied more often. I slept through the nights. I didn’t have to inhale that nasty nasal spray that is over–the–counter either, that used to be an every night thing before. Thank you Lavender oil!
I’ve tried a drop of Young Living lavender oil on my own minor burns from time to time and have always been amazed and pleased with the results: it immediately reverses the swelling/blistering response and neutralizes the burn within hours. You do have to be consistent and apply the oil immediately and then periodically throughout the first hours following the burn.
This summer my two year old son had the unfortunate opportunity to put lavender to the test. My husband was burning twigs in our fire pit out back while our boys ran around with no shoes on (yes, a dumb recipe for disaster!). Of course, when he was not watching, the little one stepped on to hot embers with one foot.
My husband rushed him into the house, screaming and crying. I immediately plunged his foot into cold water in the bath tub, while I had my husband grab the lavender. I blotted off the water and just doused his little foot with lavender. He laid on the sofa for that afternoon, resting his foot but comfortable. There were red, round marks along the outside edge of his tender little foot and a couple on the ball of the foot. Again, I applied lavender, just a few drops, throughout the evening and the next morning. He never blistered, and that next day easily allowed me to put a sock and shoe on him. He ran around like always, without any sign of distress or pain.
The marks faded within a few days—no scarring! He still talks about ‘stepping on the fire pit’, but you would never know it to look at his foot. I will NEVER be without Young Living Lavender in my home. We know also that this anti–inflammatory property works for allergies, sinusitis, laryngitis, eczema, etc., etc. Great stuff!!
Insomnia and Migraines
In the last several years I’ve had many health problems and amongst them are migraines caused by tension and allergies. My husband was looking into essential oils for ideas on ways of helping me and convinced me to give them a try. I was using the lavender for insomnia only at first. One evening, just before bed, I put some lavender on my temples as usual so as to help me relax. I especially needed the relaxation since I had a migraine. About 5 minutes later I realized that my migraine was completely gone! Since that wonderful discovery I’ve learned to put lavender on the area on head pain immediately and the headache is always gone in 5 to 10 minutes. It’s been a godsend!!
Our son had acne quite extensively all over his face and neck, as well as a lot of scarring. He applied Lavender neat, twice a day on his face and even the scars cleared up, leaving his face looking great. He wasn’t worried about his neck, and you can see exactly how far he went with the Lavender.
I am a believer! My son gets occasional face breakouts, he is 14. I am a new distributor and just received my Essential 7 Kit. He had a competition to go to today so last night I put Lavender Oil on his breakouts. This morning he came to me so happy and showed me his face. His face is just about clear; you can barely see anything on it at all. I will never be without my lavender oil.
Itch relief and first aid
I use Lavender often to relieve itching on my skin, any breaks in my skin; a bruise disappears quickly and heals up quickly. I use it to help me sleep at night by putting some on my forehead and wrists. Top
Thieves Oil Blend
Thieves oil blendSeveral months ago I had a wart on the knuckle of hand. In books about essential oils I have heard that cinnamon oil can sometimes help the body to get rid of warts. For this reason I tried putting some of the Thieves blend on my wart several times a day. It stung a little but after several days my wart was gone!
Removing boils
My daughter had a boil on her panty line and we applied Thieves oil directly on location in the morning. By evening it was almost gone and by the next day you couldn't see it. One application took care of it. Remember, Thieves is hot so a 50/50 dilution may be required if skin is sensitive. If applied without dilution and it becomes uncomfortable, V6 mixing oil or olive oil can be applied to the location.
My brother visited Florida from California and came out of the bedroom swollen and itchy. He said he was allergic to something. He was exhausted; his 6 hour direct flight had stretched into 12 hours. I told him to put Thieves on the soles of his feet. He emerged minutes later smiling and took the bottle back to California with him.
Infected leg
Just a couple weeks ago, my husband’s leg was infected. It was painful and he could barely walk. I rubbed Thieves Oil for a good ten minutes, lightly, on the infected area. The next morning he could walk with no pain. It took another 4 or 5 days to get rid of the infection completely. We used nothing else but Thieves Oil.
Sore throat
I continue to be amazed at how quickly the oil blend Thieves relieves sore throats. And it doesn’t just cover up the pain, you can actually feel your throat slowly getting better and better. For a simple sore throat I put a drop of Thieves on my tongue about every 30 minutes until it’s gone. For more serious sore throats, I put 5 drops in a glass of water and gargle it at least 3 times, while allowing some to go all the way down my throat.
Colds a thing of the past with Thieves
For the past three years, I have been taking Thieves orally, 1 drop in a glass of water, every morning. In that entire time, I have not had a single cold, and that was not my normal experience prior to starting the Thieves. If I am exposed to someone with a cold, I will take the Thieves 2-3 times a day.  Thieves is pretty ‘hot’ on my throat, so I whip it up good in the water, with a fork or something similar.

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