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Frequently Asked Questions about Therapeutic Grade–A Essential Oils

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How long have people been using Essential Oils?

The first date we have on record is in the Bible (Exodus 30:34)

Can Essential Oils be harmful?

Each person can react to the various Essential Oils differently, so if one Essential Oils creates a negative reaction, you should immediately discontinue usage.  However, since many of the Essential Oils have similar uses, you may want to try another which could possibly give you the results you are looking for. Top

How should a person use Essential Oils i.e., topically, internally, diffused, etc.?

Each Essential Oil has it’s own particular usage, some can be taken both internally and used topically, some one way or the other, some need to be diluted, and most can be inhaled or diffused.  A User’s Guide comes with each order of Young Living Essential Oils. Top

Is there really any difference in the grade of an Essential Oil?

 ABSOLUTLEY!  98% of all Essential Oils produced today are not therapeutic-grade. While others do not meet the rigorous standards of AFNOR and ISO. In Europe, a set of standards has been established that outlines the chemical profile and principal constituents that a quality essential oil should have. Known as AFNOR (Association French Normalization Organization Regulation) and ISO (International Standards Organization) standards, these guidelines help buyers differentiate between a therapeutic-grade essential oil and a lower grade oil with a similar chemical makeup and fragrance. All Young Life Therapeutic Essential Oils meet ISO and AFNOR standards. Top

Do Essential Oils have health benefits?

Many people have benefited greatly from the use of therapeutic grade essential oils; however, none of these essential oils have been approved by the FDA, so please read the following disclaimer.

How do Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils compare to Antibiotics?

There is test data comparing the antimicrobial ability between essential oils (cinnamon and oregano) and antibiotics (penicillin and ampicillin). The method is disk diffusion and the results are the mean value of three replicates. There is an antimicrobial chart showing this test data in the Articles Section of this website.


Disclaimer: The information contained on this web page is for educational purposes only. It is not provided to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition of the body.  The information on this web page should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling with a health professional. Having said that, we say neither LIVING WATER Natural Healing & Health Solutions, nor Ronnie Ingley accepts responsibility for such use.


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