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About Ronnie Ingley

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Ronnie IngleyI have been personally involved in natural healing and health solutions since 1984. I have studied, practiced and promoted the works of many holistic health care providers such as, Dr. N. W. Walker D. Sc., Ph. D. (author of such books as Colon Health, Fresh Vegetable & Fruit Juice, etc.); Dr Bernard Jensen D.C. Ph. D, Nutritionist (author of Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel Management, etc.); Dr Lorraine Day M. D (author of many health works); Dr. George Malkmus (author of God’s Way to Ultimate Health, Why Christians Get Sick, etc.) — just to name a few.

I have taken several courses in health and nutrition and I am a certified Colon Hydrotherapist.

About the Living Water Facility

Living Water facility hallway The LIVING WATER Natural Healing & Health Solutions facility has been located and designed with our clients in mind; possessing an atmosphere conducive to wellness in every way. Our facility is centrally located for convenience, and yet at the same time is in a fairly private setting with a beautiful lake view behind us.

We have a media room for anyone wishing to stop by to watch one of the many health videos/DVDs, or read one of the many books on wellness. Take advantage of our resources to expand your knowledge base, as you go forward in your quest for health.

We also have a large meeting room for our FREE monthly health class. Bring a friend, and make new friends. If you have ever felt alone as you set your foot on a new path to wellness, this could be the place for you to find encouragement and emotional support. We are here for you.


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