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Iodine is a necessary nutrient for a properly functioning thyroid. Do you know if you are getting enough iodine in your diet?

EnerG–Iodine©™ – $19.95


Detoxified, ingestable iodine in its colloidal, 99% bio-available state, is unparalleled in potentially helping to support and saturate the thyroid for proper functioning. It is not the typical toxic iodine in its denser state sold as an antiseptic, nor as iodine trichloride (claiming to be atomized), nor as added to potassium iodide to make it safer. It is also unlike glandulars or prescriptions containing hormones that take over the thyroid’s job instead of nutritionally building the thyroid to do its own job. It should be noted seaweed, seafood, greens, raw sunflower seeds, and iodized salt may not have the levels of assimilable iodine needed to support and saturate the thyroid.


DIRECTIONS: Take 1-3 drops in 6 oz. of water (as high as 10 drops for severe thyroid imbalance). If dosage makes you feel too energized reduce dosage by 1-2 drops. Suggested dosage times: 8 AM and noon on an empty stomach (take 30 minutes before or 1 hour after meals, medications and/or supplements). Do not take with thermogenic supplements/herbs. Suggested use of EnerG-Iodine©™ and all supplementation, is Monday through Friday, allowing the body to rest on weekends. Taking after 2 PM may leave you feeling too energized. Sea salt–soda baths are helpful as EnerG-Iodine©™ may stimulate detoxification of the body. EnerG-Iodine©™ is not a substitute for thyroid medication.



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