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MSM, powder – $26.00

bag of MSM powder

The price for this powder includes Ester–C, which should be taken with the MSM.


MSM is a natural occurring sulfur compound found in the tissues and fluids of all living organisms. It is known for aiding in joint health but has also been shown to support liver detoxification and provide other health benefits. It is naturally found in varying amounts in raw unprocessed milk, meat, fish, fruits and vegetables. HOWEVER, most of the usable MSM is lost in washing and cooking. Modern food processing, packaging and preparation has robbed our food of the sulfur we need.


MSM is listed* as an essential element in nutritional treatment of Arthritis, Cancer, Dermititis, Gangrene, Lead Poisoning, Paget's Disease, and TMJ. Very Important for Bronchitis, Fibromyalgia, Fracture, Multiple Sclerosis, Osteoporosis, Periodontal Disease, Prostatitis, Sprains, and Wrinkles. Important for Abscess, Allergies, Backache, Psoriasis, Seborrea, Thrombophlebitis, Warts, Wilson's Disease and helpful for Autism, Bursitis, Cystic Fibrosis, Gout, Hair Loss, Headache, Heartburn/Reflux, Bone Spur, Sinusitis, and Vitiligo.


MSM powder can be taken with water or juice. It's most tolerable with Orange Juice.; It makes OJ, taste like Grapefruit Juice.


* Prescription for nutritional healing / Phyllis A. Balch, James F. Balch.Norwegian Cod Liver Oil, the air inside the glass bottle has been replaced with nitrogen.



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