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A-R-T Skin Care ProductsA. R. T. Skin Care Products

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Human skin is like a large sponge. It absorbs traces of almost everything that comes into contact with it—both harmful and beneficial. The skin is especially susceptible to exposure to organic solvents and petroleum–based chemicals. When some of these come into contact with the skin, they can be absorbed in far higher volumes than other types of substances.

This means that many questionable petrochemicals commonly found in personal care products, such as Soldium Laurel Sulphate (SLS), Triethanol amine (DEA), PEGs, and quarterniums can be absorbed into the skin. Over time, some of these chemicals may accumulate in the organs and tissues and result in mounting brain, nerve, and liver damage.

The most troubling indication that the synthetic chemicals in cosmetics and shampoos may be leaching into our bodies was provided by the government-funded Human Adipose Tissue Survey (Bock, 1996). According to this study, almost every person tested showed measurable levels of petroleum-based, carcinogenic chemicals, such as toluene, benzene, and styrene, in their fatty tissues.

This is why increasing numbers of health professionals are recommending personal care formulas that are completely natural and free of synthetic or petroleum-based ingredients. “To stay healthy, people have do more than just exercise and eat healthy,” states Denver physician Terry Friedmann, M.D. “Consumers should also avoid personal care products that contain toxic synthetic ingredients that can penetrate the skin and accumulate in their tissues. In some cases, these products can have a greater impact on health than either diet or exercise.”  The ART Skin Care Product is one of the many products developed by Young Living which meets this need. All the ingredients in the Day Activator, Gentle Foaming Cleanser and Night Reconstructor are plant-derived.

A.R.T. Day Activator

Age Refining Technology (A.R.T.) Day Activator cream combines the skin revitalizing power of essential oils with a proprietary anti–aging peptide complex that reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles, diminishes age spots, evens skin tone and increases the elasticity and density of your skin. A.R.T. Day Activator delivers a noticeable difference—more youthful–looking skin.

A.R.T. Gentle Foaming Cleanser

This unique foaming cleanser was designed to clean the skin by gently removing oil, dirt and makeup. Gentle Foaming Cleanser is formulated from naturally occurring sugars and contains ingredients that penetrate the epidermis to remove unwanted oils and impurities. This cleanser also includes a quarter of pure therapeutic–grade essential oils that were specifically selected for their skin–enhancing benefits.

A.R.T. Night Reconstructor

While you rest, your body is hard at work replacing and repairing cells. A.R.T. Night Reconstructor facial cream will also be working to keep your skin hydrated and nourished. This full–bodied cream uses an amazing endonuclease enzyme to support cell revitalization all through the night. This formula is also enriched with three skin–soothing essential oils, German chamomile, sandalwood and frankincense.

A.R.T. Purifying Toner

ART Purifying TonerA necessary step in any comprehensive skin care regimen, Young Living’s® new Purifying Toner helps support cleansing by removing unwanted oil, dirt and impurities that can accumulate on skin. Understanding the therapeutic benefits of pure essential oils in skin care products, Young Living® has included frankincense and sandalwood for their ability to visibly revitalize skin, lemon and peppermint to cleanse and energize, and melissa and lavender to sooth and balance. This remarkable formula will purify and rejuvenate the skin’s surface restoring a firm and healthy–looking complexion.

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